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Strategy & Practice IT Conference 2018
Strategy & Practice IT Conference 2018


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Выберите количество билетов, которые вы хотите приобрести
Билеты на мероприятие "Strategy & Practice IT Conference 2018" (24-03-2018 – 25-03-2018)
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2 900,05 грн.
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ITEM Business (- 35.00%)
Участие во всех событиях первого дня - 24 марта 2018, обеды и кофебрейки, видео и презентации первого дня, воркшопы первого дня, пакет участника160
4 640,08 грн.
3 016,06 грн.
0,00 грн.
ITEM Technical (- 35.00%)
Участие во всех событиях второго дня - 25 марта 2018, видео и презентации второго дня, воркшопы второго дня, обеды и кофебрейки 2 дня, пакет участника160
4 640,08 грн.
3 016,06 грн.
0,00 грн.
ITEM All inclusive (- 35.00%)
Участие во всех событиях конференции - 24-25 марта 2018, участие в воркшопах, обеды и кофебрейки 2 дня, видео и презентации пакет участника200
5 800,10 грн.
3 770,07 грн.
0,00 грн.

О мероприятии

From code to product. From service to solution.


We bring together CEO, Founders, Sales, PMs, Product managers, Software & Quality engineers
to step out of execution mode, get inspired and really care about product they are working on.

Why to attend?
Software production launches revolution in every industry but also evolves very fast by itself. Outdated methods of building IT products and managing teamwork are not efficient and competitive anymore. The future belongs to solution providers who care about the product they create.

Our goal is to give the tools and practices for software teamwork and organization structure to incorporate into your project, product and company culture and launch new age in software development in Ukraine.
Opinion leaders and successful practitioners in software production will share their experience and insights to provide attendees with practical guidance to be implemented immediately in their everyday job and current projects.

At ITEM, you'll explore the new methods, frameworks and tools being used to build, launch and scale groundbreaking software products.

Find out how to improve your skills and your company's ability to win more business by shaping the products you are working on.


Business Day March 24, 2018

Business Stream
Lessons learnt and real practices on the way from business idea to happy customers.
  • The future of IT industry in Ukraine.
  • Product oriented development: mission impossible or new business thinking?
  • How to scale IT companies?
  • How to increase value of your company service in the market?
  • How to grow expertise in your company?
  • Using Data Science approaches in business development.
  • Enterprise development process
  • Business opportunities in the era of AI
  • Monetization of large data
  • Real cases of transformation business models: from "body shop" to service and solution oriented companies

PM Stream
Live cases about software development process to make teamwork efficient, product always ready for production and customer happy.
  • Product culture - manager's dreams or standard of successful companies?
  • How to stay product and quality oriented, when deadlines are killing you and refactoring is a just a dream?
  • Reasons to introduce Business Analyst to project? Do the short-time projects need BAs? How to cover BA tasks by existing project roles?
  • Design thinking in project management.
  • How do PMs take part in Upsale process?
  • Why can not Agile and Scrum fix all troubles?
Product Stream
True stories of how to build product oriented culture inside your company at all stages of software creation from design to production.

  • How to create a product which resolves the real users troubles?
  • User Research when your customers are not your users
  • How to convert users' feedback into new product features?
  • Product design in the era of algorithms
  • Why a product manager is not a project manager?
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Product development without needed technical skills
  • Adapting software product to permanent market changes.

Technical Day March 25, 2018

AI, Machine Learning, Data Science Stream
Digest of the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence technologies and their application to the area of Data Science and projects with Big Data.
  • Chat-bot technology
  • Modeling for neural networks
  • "Metrics Learning" and recognition problems
  • Deep training
  • Distributed training of neural networks
  • Blockchain in the world of Data Science
  • Data Science solutions to increase profits
  • Data Warehousing and Data Lake
IoT and Mobile Stream
Overview of mobile and IoT trends and correlation of these technologies in practices of true projects and hardcore examples.
  • Discovering the real potential of IoT
  • Trends in mobile development
  • Processing of volumetric data by mobile devices
  • Security issues in Mobile and IoT
  • How to keep applications running on new devices and updated operating systems
  • Advantages of AMP
  • Applications for augmented and virtual reality
  • On-Demand Apps
  • Mobile applications based on cloud solutions
  • Lazy loading. Patterns of designing and optimizing the application load
Quality Stream
Testing practices and samples of live projects how to convert catching bugs process into quality oriented teamwork in cooperation between software developers and quality engineers.
  • How to stop bug fixing and go live from the first product run?
  • How to build the process to support existing test cases and scenarios?
  • How to support test cases when requirements are constantly changing?
  • How to ensure test coverage for low level stack and keep business logic verified?
  • Continuous delivery and Automated deployment: challenges and solutions
24 — 25 марта 2018
суббота — воскресенье
Конгресс центр "Mercure"
Украина, Киев
Для этого мероприятия действует партнёрская программа распространения билетов